Keeping it Candid with PIA MIA

by Unleash'd Magazine

  Photographed by Solmaz Saberi Hair by Grace Zip Make up by Anthony Merante Styled by Sammy + Judy Henna by Deepali 


Photographed by Solmaz Saberi

Hair by Grace Zip

Make up by Anthony Merante

Styled by Sammy + Judy

Henna by Deepali 


When I got the opportunity to interview Pia Mia I leapt at the chance. (Pop with a female vocalist is a huge guilty pleasure of mine). She was an absolute doll to chat with, recounting her impromptu performance of ‘Hold on, We’re Going Home’ in front of Kanye and Drake and working with Chance the Rapper on the Divergent soundtrack and a bunch of other stories. To be honest she spoke with more poise than I expected from an 18 year old and had a sense of maturity about her even though our conversation made its way from topics like her new album to which two celebrities she would pick as parents. Pia kept it candid and genuine throughout and after talking to her I’m even more excited to watch her career blossom. 


Hi Steven, nice to meet you.

Hi Pia it’s nice to meet you as well. How're you doing?

I’m good thank you how about you?


I’m doing really well, thanks for asking. How was your Friday night?

-My Friday night was cool. I did a live performance at the Shoe Palace Hollywood grand opening. I sang stripped down acoustic versions of my ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ cover and Red Love. The venue was intimate and I really felt a connection with the audience.


First off congrats on being signed to Interscope’s Wolfpack Entertainment Label. Which you released your EP ‘The Gift’ on in February of this year. When can we expect to hear some new material?  I know you’ve been working on an album as well so maybe a single from that? How has the production process been? What kind of genre would you classify the album as if possible?

-My single is coming out any time. For the past year, I've been working on material for my album, have collaborated with some really exciting artists and producers, and have recorded more than a ton of tracks. If I had to classify it as anything I would classify it as Wolfpack just because I don’t want to put myself into a box. Some of my tracks are more urban, some are more pop, and then I also do like stripped down ballads with just vocals and piano. People always used to be so taken back when I’d be like oh yeah it’s Wolfpack music. Basically it started the first time working with Nic Nac and Marc Guffin who worked a lot with me on my album and they’re like family now. So anyway we made this song inspired by wolves because I love wolves, and I don’t know it was like one of our best songs and we would always just say that that’s what the music was. I was 16 at the time, it started from a song we made and then it became we are the Wolfpack and and that’s how the Wolfpack thing started.


If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive who would it be and why?

I think that’s an easy question for me to answer for me. I would definitely say Michael Jackson. I would just love to collaborate with him because he was so gifted in so many ways. Personally I’ve always felt a little bit lost and misunderstood I guess. I don’t know but I think it’s probably because I’ve always known what I’ve wanted to do and I’ve been working since I was 8 years old and I’ve just never stopped working since then. I’ve always read about Michael and watched him, he’s always been such an inspiration to me. I just kind of think that if Michael were alive he would just “get me”. I would just had love be able to work with him because i think we kind of view the world in the same way and make music for the same reason.


Speaking about collaborations how was it working with Chance the Rapper on the ‘Divergent’ Movie Soundtrack?

Working with Chance was super dope. It was cool because it was the first movie soundtrack or anything movie related that I had ever done. I was super hyped off ‘Divergent’ anyway and it just kind of came up. They brought the record to me and asked if would be interested in doing a track for the movie and of course I was like yes I would love to do that! So we made the song and there was this space for a feature and we were trying to think of someone that would fit perfectly. We ended up sending the song over to Chance and he loved it so he hopped on it. I’m really happy with the way the record came out. I love Chance and I love his music just on his own so it was a really cool collaboration to be able to be a part of.


How stoked were you when you heard you were featured in Vogue Italia for being one of the best dressed at the ‘Divergent’ Premier?

-When I go to an event, I don't really dress to be in a magazine. I don't really dress for anyone but myself.  Fashion is a huge part of me and my music. It's important for me to stay true to myself when I dress for events so I make sure what I wear represents me. To have been selected by Vogue Italia was an amazing honor. Thank you, Vogue, for featuring me. That was really great!


That’s awesome. The bandana you always wear has kind of become an iconic accessory of yours, how many do you think you have?

Haha yeah, my bandana situation is a little intense. I probably have like at least hundred in like every color. I just feel like they really pull my outfit together no matter what I’m wearing or what style it is, if I put on a bandana it’ll transform into my kind of style.


Have you been keeping up with Paris Fashion Week?

I have been keeping up with Paris fashion week. Such amazing looks! I was actually just in London for fashion week. I sat in on the Kady Z and Topshop shows. I got to meet Cara Delevigne, who was so sweet. I was also doing music. I got in the studio with Naughty Boy and a lot of other sick producers. Fashion week is a great time for me beause fashion is such a huge part of my life, myself, and my music. London for me was music and fashion.


Who would be your dream artist to tour with currently?

Oh gosh, there are so many artists that I’d love to tour with, there are so many artists I love. So many people I look up to. I would love to be on a tour with a dramatic stage and like big performances so I guess I’d say Kanye would be a great person to perform with, or P!NK, Taylor Swift has insane stage performances, or Chris Brown.


Speaking of Kanye how was it singing in front of him and Drake?

Actually it all kind of happened super randomly. I had done the Drake cover because I had heard it and loved it so much, but I didn't just want to do a straight cover. It was actually Nic Nac and Marc Guffin. We kind of flipped the song around and we really liked it. We had just finished the it and I’d shown Kylie (Jenner) the cover. We were at dinner that night, we had no idea Drake was coming and like earlier that night Kylie and I were just joking around performing in front of the mirror like out in their foyer and Drake walked in the door and we were just so embarrassed. Anyways so the night went on and we sat down and we had dinner and I don't know how i ended up sitting next to Kanye but he looked at me while we were eating and was like, “Sing something Pia” Then he looked over to Drake and was like, “Drake you know Pia right? She has like a to of talent and she has like super cool style, she’s a singer. Then Kylie told me to sing him the Drake cover because that’s like all we had been listening to. So I sang Drake the cover. I was really nervous because I was literally like eating food at the moment, and to be like singing him his own song after I had completely changed the melody and messed with it, but he liked it.


Speaking of covers is that your favorite one you have done?

Personally I’d have to say the Drake one


If you could pick any 2 celebrities to be your parents who would they be and why?

Oh this is any easy question for me. I have always absolutely loved Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. First of all they’re beautiful together. I admire their work relationship and just their relationship in general. They’re two badasses that are so in love. They share all these common interests and just the humanitarian work that they’re doing. I really like the way they’ve blended their family together, their kids are all so beautiful too. It seems like no matter how successful Brad and Angelina are they make their kids the priority. That’s really important to me because family is everything to me. You know?


Definitely. With family being so important to you how was the move from Guam? How do you like Los Angeles? How has that transition been?

It was definitely a struggle. Originally when I came out to Los Angeles I was only supposed to be here for three months and now I’ve been here for about four years. Yeah it has been tough, my dad and my siblings travel back and forth from here to Guam and my grandparents do the same. My mom and I also travel back to  Guam. My whole family has really been supporting me. Skype and FaceTime and all that stuff has made it a lot easier. We all see each other as much as possible and we get together during the holidays no matter what. We make it work. My family is looking to transition to Los Angeles.


If you had the chance to be a contestant on Survivor would you do it yes or no? Why?

That's a really interesting question that nobody has ever asked me before. I'm not sure. I mean I definitely think I could win for sure because I'm super competitive.


Well I think that about wraps everything up Pia. We’re all really looking forward to the release of your new single and album announcement.

Thank you so much!

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Photographed by Joshua Caine Fashion Editor Jordan Grossman Hair/Mua Janelle Faretra Model Jessica Today

Photographed by Joshua Caine

Fashion Editor Jordan Grossman

Hair/Mua Janelle Faretra

Model Jessica Today


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Hair by Traci Garret

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Fashion Editori Jordan Grossman

Model Marion at Photogenics


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Photographed by Solmaz Saberi Make up by Nichole Gustafson Fashion Editor Jordan Grossman Model Elizabeth Twaits @ Photogenics  

Photographed by Solmaz Saberi

Make up by Nichole Gustafson

Fashion Editor Jordan Grossman

Model Elizabeth Twaits @ Photogenics


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Photographed by Aris Jerome

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Make up by Janelle Faretra

Hair by Grissell Esparza

Styled by Megan Zanzinger

Manicure by Destinee Handly

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